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Mass Settings ~ roughly in chronological order:                   Description: Requiem



Missa Orbis Factor ~ Latin or English

Missa de Angelis ~ Latin or English



Missa pro defunctis ~ Latin or English

Vasquez ~ Missa pro defunctis

Morales ~ Missa pro defunctis for 4 voices

Mozart ~ Requiem, K626

Joseph Haydn ~ Requiem in c (ed. Hößl)

Michael Haydn ~ Requiem in c

Cherubini ~ Requiem in c

Fauré ~ Requiem



Byrd ~ Mass for Three Voices

Byrd ~ Mass for Four Voices

Byrd ~ Mass for Five Voices

Victoria ~ Missa O quam gloriosum

Victoria ~ Missa O quam pulchri sunt

Victoria ~ Missa O Magnum Mysterium

Hans Leo Hassler ~ Missa super Dixit Maria

Casciolini ~ Missa brevissima

Palestrina ~ Missa brevis

Palestrina ~ Missa Æterna Christi Munera

Viadana ~ Missa L'hora passa

Monteverdi ~ Mass in 4 parts

Lotti ~ Missa Brevis in D minor

Lotti ~ Messa a tre voce

Lassus ~ Missa Octavi Toni


Viennese School

Haydn ~ Jugendmesse
in F major, Hob.XXII:1 1750)  

Haydn ~ Missa brevis ‘Rorate coeli desuper
(in G Major, Hob.XXII:3  c.1750)

Haydn ~ Missa brevis ‘Sancti Nicolai’
(in G major, Hob.XXII:6 1772)

Haydn ~ Missa brevis ‘Sancti Joannis de Deo
(in Bb major, Hob
.XXII:7 c.1775)  

Haydn ~ Missa Cellensis (Mariaszellemesse),
(in C major, Hob.XXII:8 1782)

Haydn ~ Harmoniemesse
(in Bb major, Hob.XXII:14 1802)


Mozart ~ Missa brevis in G, K140

Mozart ~ Missa brevis in d, K65

Mozart ~ Missa brevis in B flat, K275

Mozart ~ Missa brevis in F, K192

Mozart ~ Missa brevis in D, K194

Mozart ~ Spatzenmesse, K220

Mozart ~ Piccolomini-Messe, in C major, K 258
(or Spaur-Messe)

Mozart ~ Orgelsolomesse, in C major, K259

Mozart ~ Krönungsmesse, in C major, K317


Hummel ~ Mass in Bb

Weber ~ Missa Sancta in G (Jubelmesse)

Schubert ~ Mass in G

Schubert ~ Mass in C

Schubert ~ Mass in Bb

Dvořák ~ Mass in D

Franz Bühler ~ Missa VI in C

L. B. Est (Stefan Stocker) ~ Missa brevis in A

L. B. Est ~ Missa brevis in Bb


Other Settings

Antonio Caldara ~ Missa brevis in G

Puccini ~ Messa di Gloria

Mascagni, arr. Finnissy ~ Mass in F

Charpentier ~ Messe de Minuit pour Noël

Gounod ~ Messe de Sainte Cécile

Gounod ~ Messe brève in C

Gounod ~ Messe brève in G

Fauré ~ Messe Basse

Delibes ~ Messe Breve

Chaminade ~ Messe pour deux voix égales

Langlais ~ Missa ‘in simplicitate

Franck ~ Mass in A ‘Panis Angelicus’


Wood ~ Communion Service in the Phrygian Mode

Darke ~ Communion Service in F

Darke ~ Communion Service in E

Howells ~ Communion Service: Collegium Regale

Carnevali ~ Missa Rosa Mystica

Jamieson ~ Mass for Three Voices

W. Lloyd Webber ~ Missa ‘Princeps Pacis

Willan ~ Missa Sancta Maria Magdalena

Jackson ~ Missa Sanctæ Margaretæ

Finnissy ~ Christmas Mass on themes by Offenbach

Finnissy ~ Short Mass for Christmas




Motets and Canticles include:

Tallis ~ If ye love me

Tallis ~ O Lord, give thy Holy Spirit

Anon (c. 1600) ~ This is the day

Byrd ~ Ave verurn

Byrd ~ Haec dies

Byrd ~ Hodie, hodie, Christus natus est

Byrd ~ Justorum animæ

Tye ~ O Holy Spirit, Lord of grace

Phillips ~ Ascendit Deus

Gibbons ~ This is the record of John

Weelkes ~ Ascendit Deus

Victoria ~ O quam gloriosum

Victoria ~ Ecce sacerdos

Eccard ~ When to the temple Mary went

Esquivel ~ Vox clamantis

Monteverdi ~ Beatus vir

Attwood ~ Come, Holy Ghost

Haydn ~ Te Deum laudamus

Mozart ~ Ave verum

Mozart ~ Laudate Dominum
(Vesperæ solennes de Confessore, K339)

Rossini ~ Ave Maria

Liszt ~ Salve Regina

Abt ~ Ave verurn



Saint-Saens ~ Ave Maria

Saint-Saens ~ O Salutaris

Bruckner ~ Locus iste

Bruckner ~ Christus factus est

Bruckner ~ Ecce sacerdos

Elgar ~ Ecce sacerdos

Elgar ~ Ave verum

Elgar ~ Ave Maria

Stainer ~ God so loved the world

Wood ~ This joyful Eastertide

Poulenc ~ Hodie, hodie

Michael Finnissy ~ Love has come again

Howard Goodall ~ The Lord is my shepherd

Pierce ~ Ave verum

Richard Shephard ~ Crossing the Bar


Mozart ~ Tantum ergo

Schubert ~ Tantum Ergo

Fauré ~ Tantum ergo

Vierne ~ Tantum ergo

Séverac ~ Tantum ergo

Duruflé ~ Tantum ergo

Purcell ~ Te Deum in D

Haydn ~ Te Deum (in C major, Hob.XXIIIc:1)

Stanford ~ Te Deum in Bb

Walmisley ~ Magnificat & Nunc dimittis in D minor

Stanford ~ Magnificat & Nunc dimittis in C



this list is just a sample of the repertoire



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