Details of St Paulís

Images © Justin Hill, 2012


We are very grateful to Justin Hill for these distinctive high quality images of our church. They were prepared with a technique called HDR(High Dynamic Range) photography. Justin took three exposures/images of the same subject matter with the camera on a tripod. These images were then sandwiched together on the computer so that the dark, mid and light ranges all form a high definition final image. It is then run through a photo editing program where the colours are "tweaked" and the image is sharpened.


Thank you for sharing them with us:


Saint Paulís Interior


Thirteen Candles


Brass Angels


Carved Elegance


Art & Religion


Catharina and Margarita


Cold Stare


King of Kings


Mary Mother of God


Old Artwork (S. MaryMagdalene)


Our Lady of Walsingham


Technicolored Reflection


The Good Shepherd




Western Window



St Paul's Corridor


Wooden Door


Thank you again, Justin!


Vicar & Surrogate : The Revd Canon Robert Fayers SSC : 727362

Church Office : 01273-203231


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