Music at S Paulís


Sunday Services

The services at Saint Paulís are embellished with music every Sunday and on special days through the year.


There is a very large repertoire of Plainchant masses, Polyphonic masses from the 16th and 17th centuries, settings from the Viennese tradition and modern settings, including a few special commissions.



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Autumn Concerts


S Paulís presents a series of concerts at 12:15 on most Saturdays through the summer.


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The Choir

S Paulís has a small but confident choir which offers excellent support to anyone wanting to improve their repertoire, musicality, and sight reading.

If you would like to join the Choir please contact Glenville Hargreaves, the Director of Music, after a service or

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The Organ

S Paulís has an excellent organ which was built by George Hunter of Clapham and inaugurated in August 1893. It was renovated and augmented between 1968-70.


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