Parish Visits to S. Paulís

Each year S. Paulís welcomes parish groups from S. Silas Kentish Town and other churches who use our premises as a secure base from which to explore the city, to visit any of the crowd of local restaurants and cafes or to spend a day on the beach.

Our distinctive tower is clearly visible from all around so itís difficult to get lost.

S Pauls - sea

Between the Station and the sea, in the heart of the old town, S. Paulís is perfectly situated for a day at the beach, which is less than 100 yards away, across The Kingsway through the underpass. There is coach access and nearby NCP car parks.

Are you thinking of organising a trip to Brighton & S. Paulís?

Just leave a message with the Church Office 01273-203231 and somebody will get back to you to help you plan your trip. You may wish to time your visit to begin with a Mass (most days at 11.30, Tuesdays at 12.30, Fridays at St Michaelís at 11.00) and conclude with Vespers & Benediction or some other service in the church.


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S. Silas visit 2009

© Tony Mould 2011   



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