Weddings at S. Paulís

The interior of S. Paulís is the picture perfect setting for a traditional church wedding. Newly restored after the devastating fire at Christmas 2010, the beauty of the church will add so much to the joy of your special day.


Your wedding, whether it be simple or grand, can be celebrated within the traditional Church of England Marriage Service or a Nuptial Mass.


S. Paulís can also provide a wide selection of joyful wedding music and our excellent choir.


Music at Saint Paulís

There are plenty of photo opportunities in the church precincts, the celebrated Fishermenís Vestry, the Vicarage Garden and lively West Street.

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Between the Station and the sea, in the heart of the old town, S. Paulís is surrounded by Brightonís best hotels and plentiful parking.

Are you thinking of getting married in S. Paulís?

Just get in touch with the Vicar, Canon Robert Fayers SSC on 01273-727362. Father Robert, who is also a Surrogate, is very happy to discuss and help plan with you your wedding, seeking to include personal elements in readings and music as well as those required by law, whenever possible. Also, S. Paul's can be available for Services of Blessing (Prayer and Dedication) following a Civil Marriage.


Comprehensive advice is also available at the Church of England Wedding web site.

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© Steve Larkinson 2009

© Tony Mould 2011   



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