Welcome to Saint Paulís

Saint Paulís is an inclusive church and all are very welcome to worship with us. We gladly recognise that everyone, irrespective of age, colour of skin, gender, marital status, sexuality, nationality, disability or background, is a Child of God, valued and loved.


This beautiful church was built over 150 years ago as a mission church for Brightonís fishermen, or more likely for their wives.

Set in busy West Street,close to the commercial centre of this thriving new city, Saint Paulís is a haven of calm, beauty and devotion, offering a warm welcome to any who want to rest, to admire or to pray.

Description: Interior

S Paul's, interior

Description: StPauls

S Paul's, West Street

How to find Saint Paulís

Saint Paulís is a jewel of the Anglo Catholic movement now hidden behind the Brighton Centre, the Kings West Cinema complex and Churchill Square.


However, the unique and most distinctive lantern tower can still be seen from a great distance, a beacon to guide your steps to our gates.


Indeed, the tower was used as a navigation point by the fishermen when the Brighton skyline was lower.

Description: West Street1a

S Paulís tower, from the South, looking towards the Clock Tower & the Station


Here are some directions to help you find your way to the church. Click on the links:

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